Your Enterprise API Marketplace made simple

Unlock innovation, accelerate software delivery, remove deployment complexities, and create new revenue streams with Servernope Enterprise edition.

Simplify the way your company build, deploy, distribute, and monetize APIs

All your APIs in one place

Company developers, users, and customers can explore APIs in a single place with no friction.

Automatically scale

Servernope elastic infrastructure automatically scales seamlessly with your usage demand.

Frictionless distribution

Servernope API distribution is optimized for conventional integrations and also end-users direct usage.

Generate new revenue streams

Monetize your APIs by allowing customers, partners, and vendors to easily subscribe and integrate.
Enabling API monetization for your company
Complex and costly
We handle all of this for you
Enabling a multi-tenant marketplace
User accounts, SSO integrations, and access control
API Management and Infrastructure scaling
Developer tools, complex dev-ops processes, and hosting
Billing modules and subscription plans
Marketing site and SEO
Monitoring and Analytics
High value activities
So you can focus on what matters
Build high-end APIs
Build the best features
Engage with your customers
Execute sales strategy
Make money!
How it works

1. Set up your Marketplace

Customize your branding, invite your users, assign security profiles, set-up your billing, and launch your marketplace.

2. Create your APIs

You can develop new APIs from scratch using Servernope developer tools or simply route your company's existing APIs.

3. Publish your APIs

Define your pricing plans, release strategy, and launch your API to Marketplace. It can be private or worldwide visible.

4. Earn recurrent revenue

Monitor accesses, visitors, subscriptions, and automatically collect payment from subscribers.
marketplace features
Your enterprise marketplace made simple
Private Marketplace
Your company's private marketplace with custom branding and marketing pages.
Manage and monitor your APIs
You can manage accesses, subscriptions, and access rules for your users and visitors.
Advanced insights
Discover and learn meaningful patterns in data related to visitors, subscribers and API usage.
Built-in payment module
We offer an industry-standard payment module allowing your company to easily accept payments.
It's safe
Security foundation
We provide an advanced set of operations and security features allowing organizations to be compliant with regulatory standards.
Go global now!
Buil-in foundation to help enterprises scaling their marketplace to global audiences with low latence and high availability.
Development features
Build, deploy, and distribute in minutes
cloud functions
Hosting & Distribution
Servernope hosts and delivers enterprise's functions to consumers with no servers to provision, manage, patch or update.
API Types
Hosted or Routed APIs
Enterprises can create new hosted APIs or simply route APIs already hosted by other cloud services.
Multiple programming languages
Leverage your development team skills
Build APIs using programming languages such as Javascript, C#, Python, Ruby or Go.
Pricing customization
You can fully customize your APIs pricing models, such as monthly subscriptions and price per call.
Marketing site
APIs landing pages
For each API you publish, Servernope automatically generates gorgeous landing pages so you can increase the chances to monetize.
be noticed
Marketing automation
We help your company to promote your APIs using the most relevant distribution channels and integrations available on the market.
Subscriber features
Find, test, subscribe and scale
Find APIs
Customers can easily search and subscribe to your APIs in a single place with world-class user experience.
Test any function
Your customers can test your APIs right from their browser, postman, or their application!
Get code snippets
Your customers can learn how to integrate & consume any API using the most common programming languages.
API as an APP
Rather than integrate your API via code, your customers can use them as an APP. Seriously!

Launch your organization's API marketplace with Servernope Enterprise Edition now.

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