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Servernope empowers developers to create, deploy, and sell Cloud Functions using their favorite programming language with no server costs.

Sell APIs on Servernope


Build your functions using your favorite programming language such as Javascript, C#, Python, Ruby or Go.


Deploy your cloud functions on Servernope and we deliver them at scale for your subscribers.

Distribute & Monetize

Define your pricing, publish your function and generate recurring revenue with instant payouts.

No credit card required

Servernope DOES NOT charge developers to build, deploy and host APIs. Instead, we pay them for that.
Main Features
cloud functions
Hosting & Distribution
Servernope hosts and delivers creators' functions to consumers with no servers to provision, manage, patch or update.
API Types
Hosted or Routed APIs
Creators can create new hosted functions or simple route APIs already existing API hosted by another server.
choose your language
Multiple programming languages
Build your functions using your favorite programming language such as Javascript, C#, Python, Ruby or Go.
Pricing Customization
You can fully customize the pricing model your function will have, such as monthly subscriptions and price per call.
be paid
Instant Payout
Creators can request payouts as soon as balance reaches 10 dollars.
be searchable
Out of the box SEO
As soon your function is deployed to store, we make sure to make it "searchable" on the main search engines.
How it works

1. Enroll as creator

Sign up to Servernope and enroll as a Creator to be eligible to create and sell functions.

2. Set a payout method

Set the payout method with your personal or business information and bank account.

3. Create a function

Go to Creator console, and create your first function! If it's a hosted function, clone and push your code via Servernope CLI.

4. Request for Go-Live

Request your function for Go-Live via Creator Console, wait for our team to approve and see it on store.

Visit Servernope Store and browse for functions!

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Servernope fills the API demand gap from companies with powerful Cloud Functions made by the developers' community.